Menu, week of 10/15-10/21

Kevin and I are really into planning out our menu for the week ahead of time.  We usually sit down together sometime on Friday night or Saturday morning, look over the sales at Kroger for the week, and decide what to have (how we pick our recipes is a more complicated system that I will save for another post).  Most weeks we cook three dinners, have leftovers for three nights, and have a final night that is either an easy dinner (eggs, bean tacos, etc) or dinner out. I bake once or twice a week, depending on our mood, what fruit is in season, and how bored I am.

We do our grocery shopping on Saturday mornings, and usually try to have just one trip for the whole week. Sometimes I have to stop after work if there was an ingredient that we couldn’t find at our regular grocery store.  There is a super fancy (and super pricey) market in Dayton that tends to have the more obscure stuff, so sometimes I stop there on my way home from work.  They also have the world’s biggest apples right now:

On the left, a Granny Smith from Kroger. On the right, a Honeycrisp from Dorothy Lane Market. Granted, honeycrisps are usually on the large side...but this one is huge!

In a way, it’s too bad that I picked right now to start my blog, since we don’t have that much interesting food scheduled for this week (or we already ate it and I forgot to take pictures). I guess I have to make something with the world’s biggest apple, though, so stay tuned for that.

This week’s menu:
Saturday, 10/15: Quinoa Cakes with Chard, Ham, & Onions
Sunday, 10/16: leftover Autumn Harvest Chili from last week
Monday, 10/17: leftover quinoa cakes
Tuesday, 10/18: cheeseburgers and garden salad
Wednesday, 10/19: Cranberry Mustard Chicken with Whole Wheat Dinner Muffins
Thursday, 10/20: more cheeseburgers
Friday, 10/21: leftover chicken


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Newlywed in a new city, filling up my time with baking and cooking.
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One Response to Menu, week of 10/15-10/21

  1. Jill says:

    Yikes, the mutant apples! I was in DLM over the weekend and saw some there, this picture almost doesn’t do it justice…definitely bigger than any grapefruit I’ve ever seen. Hopefully it’s size equals deliciousness.

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