Gingerbread is one of my favorite autumnal desserts.  Every so often, I get a crazy craving for it that forces me to run to the grocery store for a box of mix.  The last time I tried to bake gingerbread from a mix, however, things didn’t go so well.  I was visiting Kevin for Thanksgiving last year, and didn’t realize until after I had mixed the ingredients that he didn’t have the correct size pan.  The result was a batch of gingerbread brownies.

This year, I thought I would try making gingerbread from scratch.  We went to the farmer’s market on Saturday, and found a great vendor who sells spices really cheap, so we were able to get a jar of ground ginger for $2.50 (the ginger itself was only $1.50, but we decided to pay extra to get a jar to put it in).  The molasses was about $3, and everything else were ingredients we had on hand.

I love my gingerbread garnished with whipped cream and freshly sliced banana

Despite some baking troubles (when the timer beeped, the center of the cake was still jiggling), this came out really well.  It had a spicier flavor than store-bought mixes, although we felt like the molasses flavor was a little too heavy.  The buttermilk gave it a really nice texture.  I can definitely see myself making this one again the next time I get a gingerbread craving.

This recipe is from Williams-Sonoma Muffins, available on Amazon.


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  1. Kelly says:

    you know, if you’re looking for cheap, homemade(baked) christmas gifts…

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