Cookbook review: Fabio Viviani “The Skinny Country”

I’ve watched a few seasons of Bravo’s Top Chef, but I have never loved a chef as much as Fabio Viviani.  The man is just full of great comments, and makes beautiful looking gnocchi.

Fabio has now written three cookbooks available exclusively for Kindle, priced at only $2.99 each.  I downloaded The Skinny Country to see if his recipes would be as entertaining as he is on TV.

This cookbook is definitely one of the most entertaining ones I have ever read.  The fact that this was self-published is very evident–Fabio clearly just wanted to be himself, and not deal with an editor.  Although the broken English and grammar mistakes may be a negative for some, I read the whole book hearing Fabio’s voice in my head, and found the asides and jokes more than made up for the grammar.

Tonight we made the Tangy Walnut Crusted Cod with Sauteed Greens. It tasted completely different from anything we have cooked before (much more like restaurant food!), and was surprisingly simple.  There were a few times when Fabio’s so-so English made it a little difficult to follow the recipe, but we were really pleased with the final results.

There are several other recipes in this cookbook that we plan to make eventually.  This book contains a number of traditional Italian recipes, though most of them are not the kind that you find at your typical Italian restaurant (which with my dislike of tomatoes is a good thing).  I would say that the low price of this cookbook makes it a worthwhile investment.

This was not only the first time cooking from this cookbook, but also my first time cooking a recipe that was on my Kindle.  I am not the neatest chef in the world, so I was definitely concerned about how this would work. Unfortunately, I was not a fan. The recipe was on two separate pages, so I kept having to click back and forth.  My kindle also turns off after a few minutes of inactivity, which was annoying while cooking for 30+ minutes.  I guess I could turn this feature off, but that would be annoying to have to do every time I cook from a Kindle cookbook. I don’t think I would spend money on another Kindle cookbook, but I will continue to download the free ones that they sometimes have available.


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2 Responses to Cookbook review: Fabio Viviani “The Skinny Country”

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  2. Debbie T says:

    I couldnt find fabio’s book on amazon so i googled and found your web page. It looks like he’s not selling the books anymore, he’s giving them away for free on his website. So if you haven’t got them, you can download the PDFs for free!

    Thanks for posting your review. I agree that it’s sometimes annoying to read recipes on my iPad. Lol

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