Menu, week of 12/3-12/9

Last night we went to Jungle Jim’s, a grocery store halfway to Cincinnati that has over 6.5 acres worth of food.  After hearing so much about this store, I was worried we would be disappointed, but it was totally worth the drive.  The international section had all of the Mexican ingredients we have a hard time finding in Dayton, and two whole aisles of hot sauce for Kevin to browse.  The beer selection was also really impressive, and most of the beers are available as both six-packs and individual bottles, so we were able to put together a nice variety to bring home with us.

This week’s menu:
Saturday, 12/3: Slow-cooker Sweet and Sour Chicken
Sunday, 12/4: first attempt at a homemade pizza with our new pizza stone
Monday, 12/5: Pork Chops with Bay-Rosemary Potatoes au Gratin and asparagus
Tuesday, 12/6: leftovers
Wednesday, 12/7: leftovers
Thursday, 12/8: Mushroom Goulash with Peirogis
Friday, 12/9: leftovers


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Newlywed in a new city, filling up my time with baking and cooking.
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