Banana Cream Pie

Usually Kevin makes banana bread with our lingering brown bananas.  This week I thought I would try something different, and made a banana cream pie.  This was actually the first pie I have ever made, and I even made my own pie crust.

It definitely looks pretty

This pie was a mostly-success.  I really liked how the pie crust came out, and the whipped cream layer has some dark rum mixed in, which complimented the banana flavor perfectly.  Kevin felt that the cream could have been a bit sweeter, but he also enjoyed the rum flavoring.  Custards are not among my favorite dishes, so I wasn’t expecting to love this pie, by any means, but I did enjoy it.  Kevin didn’t seem as happy with it as I had hoped he would be–maybe he is more used to banana cream pies made with instant pudding, so the authentic custard variety wasn’t what he expected?  So basically it was good, but not a recipe we plan to repeat anytime soon.

Blurry picture of our dessert by the tree. We watched "Christmas in Connecticut" while eating this on the first night.

The recipe for this pie came from Williams-Sonoma’s Pie & Tart, available on Amazon.  If any of my blog readers are banana cream pie lovers, feel free to stop by for a slice (or two), since we won’t be able to finish it.


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