Menu, week of 12/10-12/16

A new grocery store just opened this past weekend in Dayton, and we braved the crowds to check it out. It really was crowded!  Luckily, our shopping list was pretty short because we are having fish for dinner later in the week (I’ll stop on my way home from work that night to get it, so that it is as fresh as possible).  The new store was nice, with really wide aisles, but we probably won’t go there every week since it was farther away than our normal store.

This week’s menu:
Saturday, 12/10: leftovers
Sunday, 12/11: meatloaf and broccoli
Monday, 12/12: leftover meatloaf
Tuesday, 12/13: Club Turkey Burgers with Avocado Ranch Dressing
Wednesday, 12/14: leftover burgers
Thursday, 12/15: Seared Salmon with Potatoes, Swiss Chard, and Mustard Vinaigrette
Friday, 12/16: leftover salmon


About colleencuisine

Newlywed in a new city, filling up my time with baking and cooking.
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