Bacon and Gruyere Muffins

The fact of the matter is that a typical package of bacon is more than Kevin and I can eat before it goes bad. Not that we don’t love bacon, but we try to be semi-healthy.  So when I still had half of a package left today (the first half used in the meatloaf and on the turkey burgers we ate earlier this week), I couldn’t bear to throw it out. We are always looking for an excuse to buy more cheese, and this recipe gave me an excuse to pick up some cave-aged Gruyere that was on special this week (our local Kroger has a fromagerie in the store which we are a bit obsessed with).

These were so easy.  Somehow the smell of the bacon cooking didn’t wake Kevin up, but the smell of the muffins baking certainly did. These were a great breakfast treat.

Look at that melty cheese and yummy bacon!

This recipe is from Williams-Sonoma’s Muffins, of course. Have I ever made a muffin recipe not from that book?


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Newlywed in a new city, filling up my time with baking and cooking.
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