Italian Almond Tart

The problem with having a baking blog is that when stuff doesn’t come out right, you feel an extra dose of embarrassment. Bad enough Kevin saw how bad this tart was, but now everyone on the internet will as well.  True, I could just not write about the flubs–but that would make everyone think I was a much better baker than I really am.

Things that went wrong with our New Year’s Eve dessert, an Italian Almond Tart from Williams-Sonoma’s Pie & Tart cookbook:
– I think I rolled the tart crust too thin, so I had a lot of trouble transferring it to the tart pan. There may have been a few holes that I had to patch up;
– then I forgot that my pan has a removable bottom, and when carrying it to the oven held it right in the middle of the bottom, causing the sides of the pan to drop, bringing most of the crust dough with it;
– once I had the tart all assembled, I managed to overbake it;
–  oh, and remember that crust that I rolled too thinly? Turns out that an overly-thin crust will cook faster, and therefore burn.

One crispy almond tart, paired with a Chambord & champagne cocktail

The filling is not bad, and I think this would be an elegant teatime dessert if it weren’t for the blackened crust.  Maybe I will try this again someday…but not for awhile.  If you want to try the Italian Almond Tart for yourself, the recipe is available online here.


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One Response to Italian Almond Tart

  1. Kevin says:

    Toasty or not, it tastes pretty good!

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