A weekend in the kitchen

Banana bread on its way into the oven: 


After trying out a number of banana bread recipes, this one quickly became our favorite. It is from the Williams-Sonoma cookbook Bread, and is available online as well. What really sets this recipe apart from others are the nutmeg and buttermilk.

[Not pictured– Tilapia with Chipotle Orange Glaze from The Boston Chef’s Table cookbook, Parmesan Roasted Brussel Sprouts, baked potatoes]

Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream in the ice cream maker:


I found this recipe from I Wash You Dry on pinterest, and was so excited to find an eggless pumpkin ice cream recipe (the raw egg yolks in most homemade ice cream recipes gross me out).  The ice cream is delicious, but almost too rich and thick for us. I can only eat a scoop at a time!

[Not pictured– Kevin made this Autumn Vegetable Soup with butternut squash, white beans, and swiss chard from one of our favorite cookbooks, Weeknight Fresh & Fast. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this cookbook, we use it weekly.]

Onion Parmesan Focaccia, fresh from the oven:


I used this recipe, again from the Williams-Sonoma Bread cookbook, as the basis for my loaf, but added about a half a cup of grated parmesan before baking. This was delicious, though a bit greasy when the recipe is followed exactly. I would probably reduce the amount of olive oil drizzled on top before baking the next time I make it.


About colleencuisine

Newlywed in a new city, filling up my time with baking and cooking.
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