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Guinness Beef Stew

The weather here in Dayton has taken a definite turn towards cool brisk days, with overnight lows dropping into the thirties. Weather like that makes me crave comfort foods, and with the big Irish win yesterday this Guinness Beef Stew … Continue reading

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A weekend in the kitchen

Banana bread on its way into the oven:  After trying out a number of banana bread recipes, this one quickly became our favorite. It is from the Williams-Sonoma cookbook Bread, and is available online as well. What really sets this recipe … Continue reading

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Devil’s Food Cake with Fudge Frosting

In my opinion, things made from scratch taste better than store-bought 99% of the time. A homemade loaf of bread beats one made from a box, homemade cookies beat ones made from a mix, and so on.  Sometimes I look … Continue reading

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Apple Crisp

Sometimes I don’t want to bake something fancy.  Sometimes I just want to throw together a bunch of yummy stuff, without having to worry about exact measurements.  Sometimes I just want something warm and fruity for my afternoon snack. Days … Continue reading

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Ciabatta bread

The soup recipe I was making tonight suggested serving it alongside “plentiful ciabatta bread for dipping.”  I remembered that my new Williams-Sonoma Bread cookbook had a recipe for ciabatta, so I figured why bother buying it when I could make it? … Continue reading

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Italian Almond Tart

The problem with having a baking blog is that when stuff doesn’t come out right, you feel an extra dose of embarrassment. Bad enough Kevin saw how bad this tart was, but now everyone on the internet will as well.  True, … Continue reading

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Menu, week of 12/31-1/6

I love the holidays, but they are not exactly great for eating well.  I think we ate out more in the weeks surrounding Christmas than we did the rest of the fall.  It’s good to be back at home and … Continue reading

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